M21 sniper rifle cod4 cracked

I personally like the intervention and the m21 ebr the best, id like to see. The m21 was tested against the m40a1, m82, ar10, and some others and the m21 more than held its own and the army elected to hold on to it as is. Sniper rifles excel at long range, where the high power, accuracy, and zoom given by the attached scope allow players to kill enemies at ranges other weapons. Are you able to add the supressed m21 sniper from the ghilled up mission.

The m21 is accurized iaw united states army marksmanship training unit specifications and has the. I always enjoyed using the m14 in every cod game that it has been in, starting with cod4. Many consider the m21 to be the best sniper rifle in hardcore modes due to its low recoil and the fact that all sniper rifles are one hit kills if a direct hit is landed. Army leadership began searching for a new sniper rifle system. The m21 is found in two versions, regular and suppressed. Modern warfare 2 mw2 xbox 360 playstation 3 sniper. It is a semiautomatic sniper rifle, and it has the lowest recoil of a sniper rifle in the entire game. This is my montage on cod4, using the m21 sniper rifle. Modern warfare mods contains 2 separate sniper mods one for added zoom to sniper rifles, the other for a sniper only server.

The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, faq, unlockables, tricks, and secrets for call of duty 4. Acog scope assault rifles 150, smgs 150, lmgs 150, sniper rifles 100. Modern warfare mods this mod replaces the stock m21 sniper rifle by the m21 scoped and suppressed rifle. The m21 sniper rifle is the very first one that i learned how to use in cod4.

The m21 remained the armys primary sniper rifle until 1988, when it was replaced by the m24 sniper weapon system. American rifleman the remington m24 sniper weapon system. It is a semiautomatic weapon that is, in many respects, a scoped version of the m14. Personally i like the m21 cause of the fire rate but i hear that hte m40 or what ever the 1st sniper rifle is on the list is the best. M21 unlock at rank 7 corporal accuracy 7 12 damage 8 12 range 12 12.

The national match m14 rifle and its scope makeup the m21 sniper weapon system. The m21 is a sniper rifle that has been in use since the vietnam war. Assault rifle alle assault rifles met uitzondering van mp44. Armys m21 sniper rifles with vietnam war era ar tel scopes or the later art ii scopes were beginning to show their age, and given that the m14 platform had been out of production for over 20 years at this point, u. What makes a rifle a m21 rather then a m14 with a scope hh. Post m21 sniper rifle development history by the mid1980s the u. Modern warfare remastered and has a brief cameo in call of duty.

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